I’m New!

We are a “Me Too” group of imperfect people, gathering together to love God and love one another. When you walk through the doors, you’ll see people in every walk of life, with all kinds of differences; the old, the young, the outgoing, the shy, the nurse and cashier… all striving to embrace and accept one another in unconditional love. We get together every Sunday morning at 10Am to hear an encouraging and challenging message, but we emphasize the importance of meeting up with others throughout the week. We can learn while we sit in a line of chairs, but we really grow when we’re in a circle. That’s why we frequently encourage you to join a small group, or step into XChange, our discipleship walk. Come see us for yourself this Sunday at 10Am, at the Meadville Middle School (974 North St┬áMeadville, Pennsylvania). We have coffee waiting just for you!
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We are currently running through the series “Who Is God”. We’re digging into the Bible to discover the characteristics of the God that we serve, and how this knowledge impacts our lives.